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The history of adhesives and tapes- makes the world stick together and better

Adhesives and tapes: makes the world stick together Adhesives and tapes nowadays are ubiquitous, easy-to-get, and very handy products. It’s hard to imagine the world without adhesive and tape. One of the Discovery Channel programs, Myth busters,  even produced a series of episodes called, “Duct Tape Island Survival“.  The goals of the episode were to

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UV pressure sensitive adhesives is good for environment.

What is UV Pressure Sensitive Adhesives? There are 5 advantages of UV PSA

UV Pressure Sensitive Adhesives        Ultraviolet curing (UV curing) technology was developed in the 1970s and it was applied to the coating industry at the beginning. In recent years, UV-curing coatings have gradually begun to replace traditional coatings. Due to the unique technology and application advantages of UV coatings, it is rapidly and

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coating thickness

Glue coating thickness – ChemixGuru

Glue Coating thickness – Thickness matters   “What is your glue coating thickness? ” is a very common question occurring in the conversation between clients and our sales reps. Coating thickness is so important that it is a crucial factor to check the performance of acrylic adhesive or polyurethane adhesive in the end products.  

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adhesive glues for craft work

Different Types of adhesive glues- by applications and markets

When people mention “adhesive” or “glue”, what image comes out in your mind? A student is using white glue to his craftwork? You are using liquid transparent glue to adhere some paper or notes on the documents? You may think the glue would only use as stationery. But the truth is the glue exists everywhere

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cohesive force

What dose cohesive force of the glue mean?

Cohesive Force This kind of removable adhesive wall hooks is commonly used at home. But how the little adhesive wall hook can hang 1kg or even heavier stuff? The secret is the cohesive force of the adhesive glue. We have talked about the adhesion force of the glue from the last article. Besides the adhesion

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adhesion force

What does Adhesion Force of the Glue mean?

Adhesion Force One day, a clerk in the shop tried to tag labels on merchandise. Have you ever considered why the labels can be affixed well on the goods? One of the important secrets in the glue is Adhesion Force. What does the adhesion force of the glue mean? Adhesion force is the attraction strength

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what is initial tack

What Does the Initial Tack of the Adhesive Glue Mean?

What is the Initial Tack?    One of the important properties of a pressure-sensitive adhesive is the initial tack.  When talking about initial tack, we refer to the strength of a material’s stickiness when it first comes in contact with an adhesive to a surface to which it is to be glued to. Tack helps

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What is a Good Adhesive? | Chemix Guru

What is a Good Adhesive? The adhesive can meet client’s needs will be a good adhesive.  We believe that only your imagination can limit the applications of adhesive. There are many types of adhesives but few manufacturers can work as Chemix Guru’s way. We work closely with our clients, listen to their demands, and help

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Why Adhesive is Sticky? | Chemix Guru

Why Adhesive is Sticky? According to the record, Egyptians used natural glue made from animal collagen since 5000BC. In modern times, we use glue to stick things together. Have you ever wondered what is the secret inside? Behind the Stickiness of An Adhesive To put it briefly, Adhesive is sticky because of the interaction of

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Label Adhesive of bottle of wine

Applications of Label Adhesive | Chemix Guru

Applications of Label Adhesive Label adhesive is one of the most popular adhesives in Chemix Guru’s product line. However, label adhesive is not as easy as its name. There are actually several different kinds of label adhesives and we would like to provide several tips to help each of our clients find the right label

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PUR adhesive VS EVA hot melt adhesive

PUR Adhesive VS EVA Hot Melt Adhesive | Chemix Guru

PUR Adhesive  VS   EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Many of our clients may ask us what’s the difference between the PUR adhesive and traditional EVA Hot melt adhesive? Both are hot melt adhesives; their features may sound similar. However, according to the manufacturing process, the theory of chemical reaction, and performance, they are actually different types

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PUR machine

What You Should Know About PUR Machine | Chemix Guru

  After reading “What is PUR adhesive”, you may have a general idea about PUR. In this article, we would like to introduce to you more knowledge about PUR and its laminating PUR machine. The Operating Process of PUR adhesive At room temperature, PUR is presented as the solid block. Before starting the laminating process,

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Solvent for PU and PSA adhesive

4 Solvents for PU and PSA Adhesive | Chemix Guru

Solvents for PU and PSA Adhesive What is a Solvent? Solute + Solvent = Solution A solvent is a component that dissolves other solutes into a solution. For example, water is a kind of solvent for polar substances and the most common one fused in our daily life. Today we gonna talk about the solvents

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PUR adhesive

What is PUR Adhesive? | Chemix Guru

What is PUR Adhesive? PUR adhesive, also called Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Hot Melt Glues, is 100% solid content, isocyanate (NCO) capped adhesive. PUR will contact the moisture in the air, and allow it to form stronger bonds after the curing process is completed. PUR has a highly flexible and strong adhesion, and suitable for a

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pas adhesive acrylic adhesive

How is Acrylic Adhesive prepared and Its Applications? | Chemix Guru

What is Acrylic Adhesive? Acrylic adhesive is a kind of acrylic polymer prepared by different kinds of acrylate monomers, like 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate and butyl acrylate, by using semicontinuous emulsion and solution polymerizations.  When the acrylic polymer is synthesized to a certain molecular weight range, it will become sticky and adhesion with pressure given, as we

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polyurethane adhesive

What is Polyurethane Adhesive and Its Applications | Chemix Guru

1. The difference between acrylic adhesive and polyurethane adhesive 2. What is polyurethane adhesive and its applications? 3. What are the benefits and applications of polyurethane adhesive? Polyurethane Adhesive Provides Permanent Adhesion Compared with acrylic adhesive, polyurethane (also called PU) adhesive provides extremely strong adhesion, isolation, and flexibility. Therefore, you can find that the applications

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Viscosity of adhesive

Viscosity of Adhesives | Chemix Guru

What is Viscosity? Viscosity is a measure of a liquid’s resistance to flow, which describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. In the observation, low-viscosity adhesives will flow more readily than high-viscosity ones. For example, water has a much lower viscosity than honey and adhesive, so the water will flow easily and quickly because

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