Different Types of adhesive glues- by applications and markets

adhesive glues for craft work

When people mention “adhesive” or “glue”, what image comes out in your mind?
A student is using white glue to his craftwork?

You are using liquid transparent glue to adhere some paper or notes on the documents? You may think the glue would only use as stationery.

But the truth is the glue exists everywhere in our daily life. The adhesive glues can be applied to shoes, apparel, vehicle, electronic device, grocery….. etc. everything you can think of. Thus, today we would like to talk about the glue.

There are various types of adhesive glues for miscellaneous applications. Adhesive glue can be classified in different ways depending on its component, its form, its type, and its applications.

Adhesive glues are classified by applications or markets


  • Advertisement: Labels & Graphics, Film & Sheets
  • Packaging: Tapes & Cartons & Food packaging
  • Sports & Fashion: Shoes & Apparel & Accessory
  • Personal Hygiene: Diaper & Sanitary napkins
  • Medical-related: band-aid & medical tape & Protective coverall
  • Home, School & Office: Glue stick & sticky note & White glue
  • Furniture & Building Components: Sofa & Mattress & sealants & window film
  • Electronics: functional tapes for processing & protective film & component binder
  • Automotive & Transportation: Car component bind & window film & Bus poster & PPF
  • Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance

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