Solvent Based Acrylic Adhesive

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Acrylic glue

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive for Car Wrapping | Chemix Guru

CG-18028 is our solution to the demand for car wrapping adhesive. Our pressure-sensitive adhesive for car wrapping not only makes production easy but also provides great resistance to DOP (plasticizer in plastic products.)  This product provides high adhesion at first and also makes the film easily be peeled at the end of usage.

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Acrylic Adhesive Glue for Window Film | Chemix Guru

Even window film or tinting film is like lasagna, which is a stack of films. CG-18039, our acrylic adhesive glue for window film is the best solution for balancing optical performance and adhesion. Therefore, Chemix Guru is your best partner because we have the most comprehensive removable adhesives to fulfill your requests.

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CG-18028 Adhesive For Outdoor Advertisement Billboard | Chemix Guru

Adhesive Specialized to Outdoor Advertisement Billboard Adhesive for outdoor advertisement billboard is a specialized adhesive to resist weathering. In addition, its featured formula provides excellent ability of strong adhesion and withstanding DEHP / DOP. Our product line of pressure-sensitive adhesives is able to meet the different demands of advertising, printing, backing, or finishing factories. Remarkable

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adhesive glue for vinyl lettering

CG-18126 Adhesive glue for vinyl lettering film stickers

Adhesive glue for vinyl lettering Vinyl lettering films, stickers, and decals are popularly and broadly used for the advertisement of signage applications. Vinyl lettering and decals make it easy to apply your business logo, name, or any intricate designs to your storefront, customize your products or decorate your car windows or boat. Simply transfer your

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Security Tape Adhesive | Chemix Guru

CG-18149L1 is one of our solvent-based pressure-sensitive security tape adhesives and has very excellent performance even at low temperatures and can be laminated pretty well on non-polar material such as PE, PP, etc.

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adhesive for label

Adhesive for Wine Bottle Label | Chemix Guru

Adhesive for Wine Bottle Label One-component PSA. Application: Used to produce a wine label, car window film. CG-18039 Acrylic Pressure Adhesive CG-18039 is a one-component type acrylic pressure-sensitive resin. It is also good for the resistance to high temperature and tolerance of cold temperature. Characteristics CG-18039 has the following characteristics: One component adhesive and can

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glue for pvc protection film

No Glue Residue Adhesive For Protective Film | Chemix Guru

Excellent Adhesive for Protective Film Pressure Sensitive Adhesive One-component Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Application: protective film such as PVC films/labels Acrylic Pressure Adhesive for Protective Film CG-18403 is a solvent-based acrylic adhesive for protective film with transparent appearance. One-component PSA increases the convenience of the production process and efficiency. It can be implemented to either

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