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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
One-component PSA.
Application: Used to produce double-sided tape, trademark label, label sticker, top laminating film

Glue for Double Sided Tape


CG- 18149
Acrylic Pressure Adhesive

CG- 18149, an acrylic glue for double-sided tape, has a very great balance of three forces, tack, adhesion, and cohesion. Its performance is also very excellent at low temperatures; this adhesive wouldn’t be easy to lose its adhesion in the winter. It is also laminating pretty well with non-polar material such as PE, PP, etc. CG- 18149 is applicable to the general trademark label, double-coated tape, and PVC top laminating film.

CG- 18149 has the following characteristics:

  • High solid content
  • Good ball tack and adhesion
  • Direct coating without adding a cross-linkage agent
  • The resistance of cold weather
  • The resistance of yellowing and ageing
  • Good lamination with PE and PP
  • With SGS report support


Item No. Solid content (%) Viscosity (25℃/ Cps)
CG-18149 50±2% 3500±1000 cps

*Solid Content: It is the material left after the volatile solvent (which serves as a carrier or vehicle for the solid content) has vaporized.

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