Research&Development Team

  • Jeff Tang

    Doing more than just sticking things together.

    Jeff Tang
    R&D Director
The R&D team at Chemixguru are the main driving force behind our continuous focus on innovation. They are responsible for product development and performance testing, as well as for the continuous advancement of our technical capabilities. The team has excellent experience of producing high quality, cost-efficient services to meet our customer’s demand. Chemixguru scientists work hand-in-hand with all other departments to promptly provide total solutions that advance basic and applied research on an individual basis.

Acrylic Adhesives

Our acrylic adhesives provide exceptionally strong bonds with low emissions Chemixguru has been working with acrylic-based solutions for thirty years. Our R&D teams have continuously development acrylic adhesives to be formulated into liquid, tape, and pressure sensitive films for applications ranging from sticky notes adhesive to cellphone protective film. With highest levels of initial tack, high bond strength and low emissions, it has been recommend by our clients around the world.

Polyurethane Adhesives

Our polyurethane products are kind of strongest adhesive and laminating system in the world. Products in our range making use of polyurethane chemistries demonstrate high levels of flexibility, as well as good UV and chemical resistance, adverse weather conditions and cracking. We provide polyurethane solutions for market specific applications from foil stamping to textile laminating.

PUR Adhesives

Our PUR are highly flexible and can withstand a broad range of thermal settings, making them ideal for hard-to-bind substrates. Chemixguru’s PUR hot melt adhesives are significantly stronger than traditional hot melt adhesives. Under the high temperature condition, PUR adhesive molecule react with the moisture in the air or react with the live hydrogen matters to form portion cross-linked network structure, which makes the bonding strength, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance better than other normal adhesives. Application from bookbinding to fabric to fabric laminating.