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Sticky Note Adhesives / Memo Pad | Chemix Guru

Excellent Sticky Note Adhesive compatible with all brands machines   The appearance of sticky note adhesives and machines makes the production of sticky notes is not excluded to 3M. Through working together with Chemix Guru, printing factories now can produce customized memo pads with low minimum order quantity (MOQ), and high customization. To satisfy the

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CG-18028 Adhesive For Outdoor Advertisement Billboard | Chemix Guru

Adhesive Specialized to Outdoor Advertisement Billboard Adhesive for outdoor advertisement billboard is a specialized adhesive to resist weathering. In addition, its featured formula provides excellent ability of strong adhesion and withstanding DEHP / DOP. Our product line of pressure-sensitive adhesives is able to meet the different demands of advertising, printing, backing, or finishing factories. Remarkable

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adhesive for label

Adhesive for Wine Bottle Label | Chemix Guru

Adhesive for Wine Bottle Label One-component PSA. Application: Used to produce a wine label, car window film. CG-18039 Acrylic Pressure Adhesive CG-18039 is a one-component type acrylic pressure-sensitive resin. It is also good for the resistance to high temperature and tolerance of cold temperature. Characteristics CG-18039 has the following characteristics: One component adhesive and can

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PUR Bookbinding

PUR for Bookbinding | Chemixguru

Reactive polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives (PUR) has better durability and a better looking finish than EVA spine adhesive. The reaction of PUR for Bookbinding works with two components, the humidity in the air and the molecular polymers.

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adhesive glue for vinyl lettering

CG-18126 Adhesive glue for vinyl lettering film stickers

Adhesive glue for vinyl lettering Vinyl lettering films, stickers, and decals are popularly and broadly used for the advertisement of signage applications. Vinyl lettering and decals make it easy to apply your business logo, name, or any intricate designs to your storefront, customize your products or decorate your car windows or boat. Simply transfer your

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