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PUR Bookbinding

PUR for Bookbinding

Reactive polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives (PUR) are going to play an important role when the issue of environmental protection and sustainability is a critical topic to all manufacturers. The wide applications of PUR adhesives may be one of the solutions to trade off the use of organic solvents.

Pros and Cons of PUR

Compared with EVA spine adhesive, PUR can reach the same strength with only half usage and provide a more beautiful appearance of books. However, the unit price of PUR is more expensive than EVA glue. Also, polyurethane itself has better performance of durability than EVA.

Moisture + Adhesive

The reaction of PUR hot melt adhesives works with two components, the humidity in the air and the molecular polymers. After reacting, the bonding can have extraordinarily high adhesion and high degrees of temperature resistance, high flexibility at cold temperatures, and solvent resistance. However, the curing time is still longer than current EVA or hot melt adhesives to reach its designed strength. In addition, the storage of PUR adhesive is similar to polyurethane spray adhesive; they have to be packaged in moisture-proof containers.

EVA Binding Glue Still Available

In addition to PUR spine glue, we also supply ordinary hot melt and EVA adhesive for bookbinding applications. Please feel free to contact us for further information or you may provide us a sample of your current adhesive.


PUR Spine Glue


Item No. Solid content (%)
Application Nozzle & wheel
Curing Within Maximal 12 – 24 Hours
Cutting Minimum 60 Seconds Necessary
Color Transparent to White

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