What Does the Initial Tack of the Adhesive Glue Mean?

what is initial tack

What is the Initial Tack? 


One of the important properties of a pressure-sensitive adhesive is the initial tack

When talking about initial tack, we refer to the strength of a material’s stickiness when it first comes in contact with an adhesive to a surface to which it is to be glued to. Tack helps us measure how fast a bond is formed when first adhering to a material or a surface. Adhesives, coatings, and printing inks and toners all have an initial tack level.

What is Initial Tack
Initial Tack

 The initial tack is like many little hands from the glue grab the substrate.  It defines the ability of a wet adhesive to hold materials in place while the adhesive cures, without the material, slipping or moving. More force is needed to be exerted when removing from a high initial tack adhesive.

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