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Acrylic based adhesive

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive For Masking Tape


Since Dick Drew invented the world’s first masking tape in 1925, it had become the solution to the auto painter’s dilemma. For now, masking tape had been applied in the painting, house decoration, and many different areas. This type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper leading 3M to one of the world-famous companies in the tape industry.
The secret of the masking tape is inside the adhesive. Usually, we will use solvent-based acrylic adhesive to produce the masking tape. Acrylic adhesive reaches their maximum adhesion almost immediately upon application, have adequate resistance, require no preparation, and have good shear and peel strength.


Used for Removable Masking Tape



acrylic pressure adhesive

CG-18013 is our adhesive for masking tape, which is one component adhesive and can be coating directly. With the feature of low Initial tack, adhesion, and moderate peeling strength, it can allow the tape to be re-tearing without leaving a trace on the surface of the substrate. Also, it is good for high-temperature resistance. After high-temperature processing, it can be peeled off easily. As a solvent-based adhesive, it can withstand low temperatures.



CG-18013 has the following characteristics:

  • One component, and can be coated directly
  • Good ball tack and adhesion
  • The resistance of high temperature about 130 ℃
  • With SGS report support
  • Has a stable physiological property to acid-sensitive substrates
  • Good lamination with glass and easy to peel off without any trace
  • No glue residue




Item No. Solid content (%) Viscosity (25℃/ Cps)
CG-18013 35±1% 3500±1500 cps


Request Free Sample for trial production:

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Package: The regular package is the 180-KG barrel and 1-Ton container. The customized package may be available.



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Mais bon, ptet tu prefere ca…|Gauchiasses*|H2in comment sa ?Il fait des film l’autre des sextape comment sa il a plus niquer son image|Il y’a des sextape de stars qui on déja fuité et sa les empêche pas de passé a la télé defaire des concert ou des film et ils ont des fan de toute age pourquoi faire les choqué|Les infos d’un des garssur la vidéo, jvoudrais bien les retrouver moi même mais flemmej’habite trop loin|Les rappeur vos pote y son pas pro y film vos sextape et il vous affiche après|on a vuHeuss faire une sextape, maintenant Fianso tout en gardant ses chaussettes la prochaine qu’on verra c’est Kalash Criminel avec sa cagoule en train de defourailler une meuf avecencore un pote qui film à côté je pleure|Only , no frauds (mêmesi le son il puait de base), High school, rich sex|Sextape c’est tous des sales en vrai, c’estson pote qui film et tout|Sextape mdr (çaencore je m’en fou malgré le fait qu’il soit marié) maisil sort de la meuf et il dit “ouais sale pute” et c’est un de ses potes qui le film?Chelou|Ta déja eue du sex teelllement nasty et freaky que tu peux même pas en parler avec quelqu’un?|Vous regardez des filmsde cul chq soir mais ça vous choque que Fianso il fait des sextape mdr analyse|Y’a quelques jours c’était Heusslenfoiré mtn c’est fianso dans la sauce pour une histoire de sextape,les mecs qui film baisez leur leur mère ils méritent que ça|Bande de fous.Vous dites que Fianso a fait une sextape alors qu’il a juste tourner une scène de son film.…|Jom khawin?|Aneh gk kalo aku, cowok, ngerasa kayaknya lebih pengen cuddle ketimbang sex?Gimana ya, aku byangin kyk itu momen yg perasaan kita sama2 disitu, pelukan, sentuhan lembut satu samalainKyk ngerasa bener2 disayang gitu, ga sendirianApa krn aku aja yg kurang kasih sayang yak?|Hi3 kalauxsalah…nk bela diri kes apa?|Idk why virginity means everything for oursocietySmntr laki2 bhkn gk prnh ditanya keperjakaannyaKl trnyt ni cwo ujng2nya minta ngewe jg, ya tai sama ajaDia mrh bkn krn cweny udh sex di luar nikah, dllTp ya krn dia cma pengen ngerasain lubang perawan aja, tai lah|EROTiC CiNEMA: Sex Positions Video Tutorial (2000’s) …|href=”/hashtag/E7A8BCE3818EE696B9?src=hash”data-query-source=”hashtag_click” class=”twitter-hashtag pretty-link js-nav” dil>稼ぎ方初心者でã‚きるパー/b>|あのさ副業紹介してくださいって人って多い?需要あるかわからないけど固定ツイートに私が今稼いでる副業の詳細のせておきますねもちろん無料ですから笑★≡=―副業さがしてます仕事つらい|うわあ、朝からイヤなもの見ちゃった。何が辛くて何が平気かなんて、それぞれ違うのに、自分ができたからあなたも耐えろって傲慢だな。マウンティングしたいのかなあ?|今はかわいらしいからいいんじゃね?|職場で昨日の事件の後初めて顔見知りの人に会ったから先輩に聞いてもらおうかと思ったけど先輩も女性だし不安にさせちゃうかなー言わない方がいいかなーって思ってたら昨日の話してた友達からの電話きて「大丈夫よ」とか言ってたらなんかあったの?って先輩に聞かれて全部まるっとお話してしまった|뭐야 시훈영진 뒤에서 달달한 거다 했ooong> 뒤에서도 박 터지게 싸우는 줄 알았는데 뭐야뭐야 배신감 느껴 진짜;; 그런 의미로 달달 AU 빨리 해!!!|RUPNA CHAKMA SEX VIDEO …|Nu een sexdate met:Sex contakt met Tinkerbell …|sex shops me seguindo no sentindo o orgulho da nação|yngrid em quem você acredita?|Sera que to “ganhando” dinheiro da formaerrada???? …|A couple (same sex)Halaaa asa kha rn imung uyb HAHAAHMe thinking (unsay pagtuo ninyus akong uyb pareha ninyu and wanas among listahan ng mag flirt2 ug lain no like enough na namo nga naa namiuyb)One year laterNaa nas layu iyang partnerAng babae nagflirt2 nasa|Am I ready for today?Kailangan HAHAHAHAHA WIIIIE|Masarap yan, pero problematic ang definition ng versa top dyan. 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