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polyurethane adhesive

1. The difference between acrylic adhesive and polyurethane adhesive
2. What is polyurethane adhesive and its applications?
3. What are the benefits and applications of polyurethane adhesive?

Polyurethane Adhesive Provides Permanent Adhesion

Compared with acrylic adhesive, polyurethane (also called PU) adhesive provides extremely strong adhesion, isolation, and flexibility. Therefore, you can find that the applications of PU adhesive are mainly on construction, woodworking, shoe production, and textile lamination. So, each polyurethane adhesive manufacturer has its own expertise, and Chemix Guru’s blockbusting adhesive is laminating adhesive, either fabric to fabric, fabric to film, foam to foam, or foam to fabric. Another hot selling product is polyurethane adhesive for foil stamping in textile.

PU Adhesive is Invisible but Everywhere

Like other adhesives, consumers cannot see polyurethane adhesive directly in end products. PU adhesive plays a critical role in functional textile as a binder of breathable film and fabric. And the semi-finished fabric is the raw material of sports clothes. In addition, another application is laminating adhesive used to foam and fabric, such as bra foam.


Our Adhesive is not only strong and handy but a solution

Chemix Guru’s clients include many leading companies among many industries. Unlike products of other adhesive manufacturers, handy texture and strong binding are only the essential standards to us; we are always working for providing a better solution to our customers. With the growing demand for outdoor apparel, the fabric usually features a waterproof function, and however,  that indeed increases the difficulty of laminating. As we mentioned in “why adhesive is sticky”, there is no cure-all adhesive to all surfaces and materials. However, our rich experience and strong R&D team enable us to provide our partners with the most comprehensive solution of adhesive.


Adhesive for textile
Polyurethane Adhesive


Feature: Common PU glue, environmentally friendly glue(NO DMF, NO TOLUENE), good initial tack
Application: Fabric to Fabric, Fabric to TPU
More information


Adhesive for hot stamping


Feature: High solid content, Environmentally friendly glue(NO DMF, NO TOLUENE)

Application:Hot stamping adhesive
More information


Laminating adhesive for nylon
Polyurethane Adhesive


Feature: Environmentally friendly glue(NO DMF, NO TOLUENE)]
Application: Commonly used PU glue, Adhesive to nylon
More information





Feature: Environmentally friendly glue(NO DMF, NO TOLUENE) Solvent-based moisture hardening spray adhesive, spraying has good atomization effect and does not fly. Dry quickly, with good strength, softness and laundry resistant
Application: Bra Foam adhesive
More information

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  1. Kurat Fashion

    Looking for PUR adhesive fo fabric to fabric lamination in roll fome!

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  3. I am rajaram from India adhesive and packaging consultant…. Having 37 years experience…. I have good contacts with most of the adhesive mfr…. Especially who is converting for abro 3M huntsman etc… Some of my principles interested to have a tieup or JV with taiwananese company of you wish we discuss in depth…
    Please share your views…

  4. I am interested to set up PU glue manufacturing plant in Pakistan on turn key basis can you help me to give me address of plant and technology supplier.

  5. Rio Abraham Ginting

    What compund that wouldnt stick to hot melt PUR?
    I want to make coating for some component (better if it’s in the form of paint), so that the hot melt PUR doesn’t stick where it shouldn’t be.
    Any idea?

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    I am interested about your Polyurathane Adhesive for producing shoe sole.

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