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spray adhesive for bra foam

Spray Adhesive for Bra Foam

Excellent Initial Tack and Supple Hand Feel


The spray adhesive is widely applied on fabric to foam such as bra cup laminating. Our glue does not only provide excellent initial tack (or known as green strength) but also gives the supple hand feels to end-products; meaning that the touch is soft and not rigid after curing.

Storage should be careful

The curing of CG-1628D depends on the moisture in the air to start the adhesion; also known as bridging or cross-linkage. Briefly, the moisture in the air is the cross-linking agent. So, the storage should carefully avoid exposure to air before use.

Spray adhesive for bra foam is not PUR

Spray adhesive is DIFFERENT from PUR adhesive (Polyurethane Reactive) although the curing process is similar. An obvious difference is that PUR is 100% solid but spray adhesive contains solvent. You may find our PUR products through the link.


Spray Adhesive for Bra Foam



Fabric to foam

Bra cup laminating is the main application.


CG-1628D has the following characteristics:

● Fabric to foam lamination
● Excellent performance
● Can be applied to Spray coating
● With SGS report support
● Excellent green strength


Item No. Solid content (%) Viscosity (25℃/ Cps)
CG-1628D 45±2% 100~150 cps

*Solid Content: It is the material left after the volatile solvent (which serves as a carrier or vehicle for the solid content) has vaporized.

Request Free Sample for trial production:

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Package: The regular package is the 17-KG barrel.

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