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Laminating adhesive for nylon

Laminating Adhesive for Nylon Fabric

Laminating adhesive for nylon fabric is one of our remarkable products. The nature of nylon fabric, a widely used fabric, in the textile industry, is not easy to adhere with ordinary glue. Chemix Guru’s R&D team overcomes the difficulty and supplies corresponding binders for other water-resistant fabrics.

Nylon or Other Waterproof Fabrics

It is hard to laminate film on nylon or other waterproof fabrics because they are relatively low polar materials. About polar and non-polar materials, you may find more in the article of our knowledge base. Some treatments on the surface may be necessary before conducting lamination. However, with the help of CG-1647KE, the laminating factory can save a process and promote efficiency. In addition to Nylon, it also performs well on TPU film-to-fabric, fabric-to-fabric. And the application of end products is sports garments, outdoor wearings, and breathable fabrics.



  • Sports garments, outdoor wearings, breathable fabrics
  • Strong laundry resistant
  • Excellent moisture, weather, and heat resistance
  • With SGS report and meeting EU standard



Item No. Solid content (%) Viscosity (25℃/ Cps)
CG-1647KE 46±2% 16000±2000 cps

*Solid Content: It is the material left after the volatile solvent (which serves as a carrier or vehicle for the solid content) has vaporized.

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Package: The regular package is the 180-KG barrel and 1-Ton container. The customized package may be available.


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