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adhesive for PI film

Adhesive Glue for PolyImide Film

CG- 18706 is a two-component type thermosetting cross-linkage acrylic pressure-sensitive resin. Applicable to battery film, PI film, which is required to resist high temperature.

Glue for PolyImide Film


18706 has the following characteristics:

● Be able to reposition the film easily

● Good die-cut

● Special use for battery film, PI film

● Excellent cohesion, adhesive, initial take

● High-temperature resistance

● With SGS report support

.●Easy to stick and rip off, no glue reside


Item No. Solid content (%) Viscosity (25℃/ Cps)
CG-18706 45±1% 12000±4000 cps

*Solid Content: It is the material left after the volatile solvent (which serves as a carrier or vehicle for the solid content) has vaporized.

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Package: The regular package is the 180-KG barrel and 1-Ton container. The customized package may be available.

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