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Water- based V.S  Solvent-based adhesives


How to choose water-based and solvent-based adhesives is a very common question for our customers. Ostensibly, the advantages of waterborne adhesives are eco-friendly and less toxic to on-site workers. In addition, waterborne adhesives are cheaper than similarly solvent-based ones because water, as the solvent, is much cheaper than organic solvent.

On the other hand, solvent-borne adhesives have some benefits on production efficiency and better performance of weather resistance; meaning the capability of withstanding the weathering process. Also, honest advice to customers in low-temperature areas, solvent-based adhesive, or 100% solid adhesives will be a better choice because heating may not be available through all processes from shipping to storage.

The Solvent-Based Adhesive has Better Performance

In fact, solvent-based adhesive usually has better performance in many areas such as heat, chemical, and water resistance. In term of environment protection, the water-based adhesive may lead to serious water pollution if manufacturers do not handle well. Of course, all manufacturers should produce in the most careful way. Therefore, Chemix Guru receives the certification of ISO and all products come with SGS reports.

There is another choice of glues for now

If you don’t want to use either water-based adhesives or solvent-based adhesives, now we can provide a new solution of the glue that is PUR adhesive for PU type and UV-curable PSA for acrylic type adhesives. There are all non-solvent adhesives and don’t have to worry about water pollution or VOC emission problem anymore.


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