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What is a Good Adhesive?

The adhesive can meet client’s needs will be a good adhesive.  We believe that only your imagination can limit the applications of adhesive.

There are many types of adhesives but few manufacturers can work as Chemix Guru’s way. We work closely with our clients, listen to their demands, and help them choose good adhesive. Our goal is to satisfy each user’s demands so we develop manifold adhesives and comprehensive sales service.

Service Process of Finding a Good Adhesive

First, our sales representatives will carefully inquiry about each client’s applications and what products he is going to produce. Second, we will suggest the most suitable products based on our knowledge and send the sample glue to the potential client. Last but not least, if regular products cannot meet client’s request, we also provide with customized service to perfectly optimize the efficiency and yield rate of end-products.

Example Case to Find a Good Adhesive

Eric is the owner of the printing factory and going to launch new products. However, the machine manufacturers provided with a few glues and cannot meet the demands of new products. On the other hand, the adhesive manufacturer’s professional terms only made him confused and frustrated.

Chemix Guru helped him with the following steps:

  1. Request the technical data sheet of Eric’s current adhesive and the information of materials he was going to use.
  2. We provided him with our free sample.
  3. Eric gave us his feedback.
  4. Chemix Guru tweaked the adhesive and sent the second sample.
  5. On-site trial production made his new products come true.

Find a good adhesive

So far, our team has already helped hundreds of cases from our clients around the world!!

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