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sticky note adhesive

Sticky Note Adhesive

To manufacture sticky notes, there are thousands of adhesives you can choose in the adhesive industry. However, not all of them may meet the purpose of manufacture sticky notes. You may refer to the article “why adhesive is sticky”. Since each adhesive is designed to provide different performance to meet its application and requests. What makes sticky note adhesive different from other adhesives?

Sticky note adhesive is one kind of our removable adhesive, but it is dedicatedly designed to provide the below three properties to meet the application of sticky notes.

1. Proper adhesion: the adhesion of sticky notes should be sticky enough to adhere to each other right after production. And then, users should be able to peel each page easily but the below pages have still adhered well. Furthermore, proper adhesion can keep peeled sticky notes smooth, not curling.

2. No residual after peeling: After each page of the sticky note is peeled, there should be no residual glue on the remaining pages.

3. Writable with any kind of pens: this is complicated because the process of production is different from each other. And, the paper of sticky note will be classified into coated or not. However, the coated paper will be still writable with our release agent CG-7502. Some release agent coating with the paper may not writable due to its formula.  After all, sticky notes should be always writable.

To meet the three above points, a correct adhesive of sticky notes is one of the critical factors. The adjustments of equipment are also another issue. Manufacturers of sticky notes should discuss comprehensively with our sales representative. Or trial productions are necessary to help manufacturers find out correct combinations. So, that’s why Chemix Guru generously provides a FREE sample for our prospective customers.

Please feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to provide the most suitable adhesive based on each customer’s demands.


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