Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive for Home Appliance Control Panel Bonding

reactive hot melt adhesive for home appliance panel

Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive for Panel Bonding

For control panel bonding application, Chemixguru suggests polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive (PUR) that cures with moisture within atmospheric humidity, and this product is very best suited for bonding panels with its high green strength.  It is formulated to provide high tack and fast strength development upon application at a molten state. The open time and green strength were specifically designed to exhibit immediate grab and set upon application and it is mainly used for the manufacturing of insulated panels, decorative panels, doors, and other sandwich elements.  It is also designed to have good adhesion on PS, PVC, PET, PMMA, PC, ABS, SMC, wood materials, aluminum, and metal plate ( dependent upon the material used, surface treatment could be necessary.)

The reactive hot melt adhesive (PUR) is an almost non-odor product with excellent roll coater stability, which enable clean machining and equipment easily. PUR containing reactive functional groups can be crosslinked with the moisture in the air or substrates during the coating and lamination process.  After the crosslinking reaction, the glue performs much better physical properties than normal hot melt adhesives. This product is a one-component system compared to the two- components, solvent-based or water-based products that can provide more convenient operation and higher productivity.

Varying from material types and surface treatments, it is recommended that a reasonable adhesion and physical properties check are needed before online use. If there are any issues while using this product, please contact our technical sales staff.


1. 100% solids, solvent-free reactive hot melt adhesive
2. Low operational temperature, around 100 – 150℃.
3. One component system, crosslinked with moisture.
4. Aggressive green strength.
5. Good adhesion on PVC, PET, PMMA, PC, ABS, SMC, and wood substrates.
6. Water-proof resistance and better reliability.
7. Open time reaching 5-10mins (varying from glue weight, substrates, and environment).
8. Softening point of curing PUR up to 150℃

Adjustment of operating conditions may be needed for achieving the best performance but should
avoid for a long period of time heating which may cause the degradation of glues. Depending on
the processing and performance needs of the application, temperatures may vary.

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