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Eco-Friendly Milky White PVAc Glue

CG-2004 is a typical PVAc glue of our white glue product line. The applications of white glue are very wide due to its good cost-efficiency. For example, during screen printing, white glue can provide good and temporary adhesion for the screen printing machine. In the textile industry, white glue is a finishing chemical to make clothes stiffer as well as be an anti-wrinkle or anti-shrinking. It is also a good paper adhesive to the paper industry.
Further, the PVAc adhesive itself can be a good stabilizer for emulsion and a protective container for other applications. So, we can see the application of white glue far beyond stationary. Chemix Guru always provides the most proper PVAc glue based on the customer’s request.

PVAc Glue: a Better Choice than Starch Adhesive

PVAc adhesive provides a faster curing time than starch adhesive. In our experience, PVAc only takes half time to cure compared with starch glue because of the difference of the structure; water can be drained in the early stage of curing. On the other hand, PVAc glue only costs a little bit higher or even the same than starch adhesive but gives much better production efficiency and performance. In addition, white glue can be applied in more industries.

Application: Used to handwork, furniture, woodwork, paper products, etc.

The application of Eco Friendly Milky White PVAc Glue

CG-2004 White Glue
PVAc adhesive

CG-2004 is primarily used for the adhesion of furniture, building materials, paper tube, wood products, PS foams, sponges and laminates, etc. By some special modification, this emulsion can also be used for textile processing. For paper lamination of fancy plywood, CG-2004 can be mixed with urea resins and special fillers for better use. With good initial tack and rough film, CG-2004 has very good/easy mechanical operation.


CG-2004 has the following characteristics:

  • High solid content
  • Direct coating without adding the cross-linkage agent
  • Excellent bonding performance


Item No. Solid content (%) Viscosity (30℃/ Cps)
CG-2004 49±1% 40000±4000 cps

*Solid Content: It is the material left after the volatile solvent (which serves as a carrier or vehicle for the solid content) has vaporized.

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