Customized Service

  • Jeff Tang

    We work closely with our clients to develop and present the most effective solution in each project we undertake.

    Jeff Tang
    R&D Director

Customized Service

Tailor-made adhesives

We offer a wide variety of Customized Service that include:

1.Solvent base acrylic-adhesive

2.Water borne-adhesive

3.Solvent borne polyurethane adhesive

4.Hot melt adhesive

How it work?

development process

Usually we will suggest our customer provide the base material and the finish product to our lab, and that will be also more efficient for you. After the testing, our adhesive experts will recommend the most suitable solution. Also, we will send back the finish product coated with our glue and sample glue for you. We will solves all of the problems and keep modify our glue to meet your demand. Provide complete after-sales service to customers!

Customized Sticky notes glue

Customized case

There are different kinds of machine making sticky note. With the customized service, we can modify the CG1281-1’s solid content and viscosity to accommodate all brands machines!
Some kinds of sticky note making machine would coating the release agent and glue on the same time. As an expert providing the total solution, Chemixguru also selling the release agent for sticky notes.
If your machine doesn’t coating the release agent, we will suggest you CG2181-2. CG1281-2 is specifically developing for the machine coating without release agent.
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